Down spotlights 10W

50 W Halogen Down Spot Lighting Replacement

Equals: 50 Watts Halogen Down Lights
Product Type: LED Down spotlight
Product Model:Down-spot-lighting-led-VX-S7510C
Lighting Source: COB
Input Voltage: 90V-260V
Power: 10 Watts
Application: Office, Shopping Mall, Garage, kitchen, living room ...
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Product Description:


  1. Electrical Characteristics


This led spotlight is quite great. The outlook design is from the vortex that its shape can better dissipate the heat. And this design also greatly improve the work efficiency. This down spot lighting led is 10 watts in power and its lumen can reach 1200 LM. The illumination of our daily life is enough. And the spotlight is adjustable and it can be used widely in many palaces. What’s more, the lights’ led chip and driver are great. We look for the good brands and work with them friendly to make our products better. For example, the Tridonic, their led chip is good and warmly popular with the market. Our light configuration can have the choice and with different driver. We are committed to creating mid-to-high-end products, and we also have the ability to meet the lighting needs of customers.



  1. Optical Characteristics


In the optical of our products, the led spotlight has many good things. First, the beam angle of the light, we have five different degrees for you to choose. And all of them can be suitable for your application in our daily life. The smallest is 8° and the largest is 55°. The more information can be obtained in our products’ specification. Second, the spotlight is optional in the color temperature. There is 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K. And we also can accept customization if needs. Third, the light efficiency is high. It can reach 92/97 and the brightness is great and there is no glare.



  1. Certification


On the certification certificate of the light, our company conduct testing every year, and once the new product or sample is made, we will send it for testing. The down spot lighting led have many certificates for different countries. There is CE, IP44 and DIMMABLE and so on. They can be suitable for different places. The quality of the products are good and there is no need to worry about it. We also provide five years warranty for you. Both the light efficiency and high color rendering index are also great. And the spotlights’ chips and driver are also guaranteed. Their brands are warmly popular and of high quality.



  1. Application


For our products’ application, we’ve received good feedback and have a good command of the using range. The down spot lighting led is widely used in many indoor activities and even home decoration. Their special appearance has add beauty for the whole decoration. And its high light efficiency is also welcomed. This means that the spotlights’ working time can be longer because it has good heat dissipation and high work efficiency. The great work efficiency and quality makes it popular with the market. In our daily life, such as stores, shops and even offices can also use it for lighting, it’s suitable.







- Handy Down Spot lighting led VX-S7510C;

- The spotlight quality is very good;

- It has CE and IP44 certified;

- The color rendering index is quite well;


Just obey the installation steps, you can install the down spotlights quickly.


The 10W spotlight is widely used around the world.


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Brief Description
10 Watts Down spot lighting led, 90V-260V, Replaces 50 Watts Halogen spotlights
Item Type: LED Down spotlight
Model Number: VX-S7510C
Electrical and optical parameter
Replacement : Halogen Down Spotlights
Power consumption: 10 W
Bright: 1200 lumens
Cutout(mm) ∅75
Lighting source: COB
Input voltage: 90V / 260V
Base Type: Nake Wired
Beam angle: 8° 15° 24° 36° 55°
Color: White / Black / Customized
Color temperature: 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / Customized
Lighting Angle: 120 °
Materials: Aluminum
Application Area: Indoor
Dimming: YES
Working Temperature (℃): -20 - 60℃
Warranty: 5 years
Life span (based on 4 hrs./day) 10 years



Product Description:


Vortex down spotlight has high color rendering index.


VX-S7510C best application area is indoor activities.


Material of aluminum makes it work well in heat dissipation.


The bean angle of the down spotlight can be customized.


Down spotlight VX-S7510C, its lighting source is COB.


We can provide 5 years warranty.


The spotlight’s lightness is quite well.






- Handy Down Spotlight VX-S7510C;

- The spotlight quality is very good;

- It has CE and IP44 certified;

- The color rendering index is quite well;


Just obey the installation steps, you can install the down spotlight quickly.


The 10W down spotlight is widely used around the world.


Welcome to get more information of this down spotlight from



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